Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Kyowa Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of personal information. With regard to the appropriate collection, utilization, and management of personal information, Kyowa has established the following privacy policy as our personal information protection code:

Collection of personal information

Kyowa Co., Ltd. collects information that can identify specific individuals (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) to the extent necessary to implement the objectives and businesses prescribed in the Articles of Incorporation. When collecting personal information, we state the purpose of collection and base it on the will of each information-providing individual (extent of registration and disclosure).

Utilization of personal information

Kyowa Co., Ltd. utilizes collected personal information to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of collection. However, we may utilize or provide the personal information for other than the purpose of collection in the following cases:

  • Pursuant to the provisions of laws;
  • Agreed upon by the information-providing individual;
  • To the extent necessary to achieve a business purpose, handling of personal information is entrusted in whole or in part (for example, an outsourcing contract is signed pursuant to the relevant guideline so that names and addresses are provided to the company entrusted with delivery); or
  • A just cause exists in order to achieve a business plan, such as permitted in a general meeting of Kyowa Co., Ltd.

Management of personal information

Kyowa Co., Ltd. strives to appropriately manage the collected personal information by preventing the information from being leaked, destroyed/falsified, or lost. However, Kyowa Co., Ltd. will not be responsible for management of information that has been disclosed by the information-providing individual or is already made public.

Disclosure, correction, or other action on personal information

If an individual requests disclosure of his/her personal information, Kyowa Co., Ltd. will disclose the information in principle. If an individual submits a request for correction of his/her personal information, we will promptly implement the correction.

Handling of personal information on the website

The website of Kyowa Co., Ltd. can be browsed without disclosing personal information. Some pages of the website use a technology known as cookies, but people accessing these pages will not have their personal information collected by Kyowa.

Change of privacy policy

The privacy policy is subject to change without prior notice to comply with changes in laws or other reason. Such changes, whatever they may be, shall be made public to members and outside persons via members’ bulletins or other means, and shall become effective on the date of publication/notification. As a result, the personal information collected by Kyowa Co., Ltd. is subject to the latest privacy policy.

Contact for handling of personal information

Any questions about the handling of personal information by Kyowa Co., Ltd. should be referred to:

Kyowa Co., Ltd.
34-1 Mitsumori, Hayashizaki, Ugo, Ogachi, Akita, 012-1103 Japan
Phone: +81-183-62-4566 Fax: +81-183-62-2030